Career Coaching

Why a Career Coach?

There are thousands of athletes in your vicinity, only those with great coaches are champions. Also, when you experience a dead-lock, a coach points out the “blind spots”.

It is 2008 - I have just closed a new job for a 35% salary increase! A year before, although I love what I do, every day I dread getting to that stressful job environment. Then, I go to my Doctor’s for my annual physical, she seems alarmed: “Your blood pressure is above normal. Come back in 2 months, but if it stays so, I shall put you on pills”. Coincidently, a friend recommended coaching. Fast forward, I am back at my doctor, she seems puzzled this time: "Your blood pressure is normal! Did you take any pills?". I smiled "Nope! I just got coaching". It is 2009, and my income is double that of 2007, and I am working a much more flexible job!


  • 360◦ and multi-dimensional job-hunt cycle (career-objectives to job start-day)
  • 1-on-1 dedicated, objectives-tailored and emotional intelligence-based approach
  • 2 or 3-months length, to choose from
  • Location-neutral, delivered via online meetings
  • Limited-admission program (only 6 participants accepted, per cycle)
  • Pay-As-You-Go tuition (based on target-salary, and timed to your program achievements)

THIS IS NOT: (although covered)

  • Just do my resume/LinkedIn
  • I just want to say right things in interviews


  • Looking for Permanent or Contract full time jobs; entry-level, mid-career, or senior/executive
  • Happy at work, but looking a change, new challenge, next-level...etc.
  • Not happy (or “as happy”) and looking for the next exciting thing
  • Laid-off, resigned, in transit, or re-locating
  • Newly degree-graduate, or passionate about a new career-area

About your Coach?

I do this, out of my commitment to making people's life easier, so that people are never “stuck” in a situation they don't like.

I am…
  • A husband, and a father of two children
  • An accomplished professional, with 20+ experience in the job market
  • An independent contractor of 12+ years, who experienced 30+ full recruitment-cycles
  • 12 years+ trained in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching
  • An alumnus of the Big 4 consulting firms, and industry-leading firms
  • An entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the innovative, a Talent-as-a-Service platform (formerly