B2have is committed to smooth trading relations between Canadian companies and their counterparts world-wide. In this regards, we're happy to act on your behave as an agency, representative or liaison for you in Canada.

Why fly your employees abroad and incur extra costs that eat into you profit margin, if we can do everything for you locally at a fraction of the cost?!

Often, trading partners working remotely face a number of challenges as a result. Some of these challenges are: Signature of contracts and shipping documents Inspection of goods prior to shipping, to verify conformity to specification and contract Company presentation and demo of product and profile Lack of face-to-face interactions contributes to inflexibility of transactions Time zone difference that limit interaction window between trade partners

What is likely to happen in the above instances is a constrained trade relationship. The likely impact is a limited growth or even a complete loss of revenue and opportunities for both parties of a transaction. Now you can count on us to fill in all the missing pieces.

B2have goes to work at no fixed costs. Then, how does it work?? You'll assign to us the specific role in your trade/transaction, we get it done, and you reward us on commission basis of the value of the transaction, only when you're satisfied that we truly made a difference.

Countries where we have extended presence:
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • The Arabia Gulf (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar)
  • China (Main land, HK)
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • South Africa